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In the EU, Annex 11, a similar focus is placed on the life cycle of a product, with more emphasis also being placed on management accountability and “people” than the US regulations.

Validation activities are relevant to all applications needs such as processing requirements, inputs to be captured, outputs from the system, security, as well as business requirements.

Most of the existing TMS can meet a host of learning and performance requirements and they come with a set of tools that focus on learning, skills development, performance management, goals management, and succession management.

A “fine line” exists between the “Skills Development Rating” and the “Qualification/ Training Record” for an employee which could be seen by certain validation teams. Operational or Manufacturing Excellence teams with employee development programs could be assisted by such tools, but given that the “learning system” within the TMS is the qualification record, this system has to be validated based on FDA needs.

This article describes a model through which FDA-regulated organizations can confirm the LMS part, instead of the whole TMS, which could contain tools focusing on competency management, performance management, and goal setting.

Part 11 applies to any record where a company produces, maintains, modifies, archives, transmits, or retrieves in electronic form.

Figure 1 shows the advantages of a combined system.

Life Science companies investing in talent management platforms should ensure that qualification requirements of employees comply with the stringent validation requirements stipulated by both EMA and FDA.

For sake of audit, a qualification report can be created to indicate that the employee has met his or her training needs.

If divided like this, the change control and system validation must operate in a clear, defined way so that developmental records do not affect the validated system.

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It also applies to any record that is submitted to the FDA in electronic form.

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